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Don't miss your chance to be part of the future. Secure your spot in the Antipulse journey and get exclusive early access to our token presale. Plus, enter our XPULSE NFT Giveaway for additional rewards!

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Follow the instructions on Gleam to enter the whitelist and the NFT giveaway.

Antipulse: Project

Revolutionizing the blockchain landscape with an innovative decentralized platform, focused on transparency and integrity, where community-driven development and advanced reputation systems empower secure, equitable decision-making and foster a new era of trust and collaboration in the crypto world.

Why Choose AntiPulse?

At the heart of AntiPulse is a commitment to transparency, integrity, and community-led innovation in the blockchain domain. We understand the pitfalls and challenges within the digital asset space, where misinformation and deceptive practices can often mislead well-intentioned participants. AntiPulse emerges as a guiding light, advocating for projects that prioritize openness, fairness, and directly address the community's desires and goals.

Our platform is dedicated to providing timely, pertinent insights and fostering an informed community. We aim to demystify the complexities of the crypto world, offering clarity on dubious practices and potential scams. By empowering our users with knowledge and critical awareness, we strive to cultivate a secure, trustworthy ecosystem where all members can engage confidently and constructively.

Our Goal

Our mission is to create more than just another blockchain project; we want to build a collective movement that delivers a real, viable blockchain. Anyone who has felt let down by other projects, who has experienced the sting of disappointment, will have the chance to contribute to the development of something tangible and effective with AntiPulse. Our intent is to form an army - a powerful force that brings a new level of greatness to the cryptosphere.

Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)

We believe in the power of a truly decentralized community, and that's why the AntiPulse project will be governed as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). Every strategic decision, including the development of our blockchain, will be made collectively. This democratic approach ensures that everyone in the AntiPulse community has a voice.

By entrusting the development of the blockchain to our DAO, we not only reinforce our commitment to decentralization, but we also empower our community to contribute to the creation of an innovative blockchain solution.


AntiPulse DAO is at the forefront of decentralized governance, leveraging the combined potential of the $APLS Token, $XPULSE NFT, and a sophisticated Reputation System. This trinity not only defines our ecosystem's functionality but also empowers our community members to take a proactive role in shaping our future.

Component Description
$APLS Token Serving as the backbone of our economic model, $APLS is an utility Token for governance and more.
$XPULSE NFT More than just collectibles, our $XPULSE NFTs are gateways to exclusive community benefits and experiences.
Reputation System Our innovative Reputation System recognizes and rewards meaningful contributions, fostering a merit-based environment where the most active and constructive participants are duly acknowledged.

Join us at AntiPulse and become part of a community where decentralization isn't just a concept, but a practical reality. Your voice, your vote, and your vision matter here – together, we're shaping the future of decentralized governance.


Advanced Reputation System

We wish to implement an "Advanced Reputation System" within our DAO to ensure that the most knowledgeable and reliable contributors guide our development process.

Here's how it works:

  • 1. Feature requests are evaluated for feasibility by community developers, backed by detailed test scenarios.
  • 2. Developers with higher reputation scores have a greater influence on the review process, ensuring experienced leadership.
  • 3. Decisions are made through a weighted voting process, reflecting both community consensus and expert insights.
  • 4. Features undergo rigorous security reviews and quality assessments before integration.
  • 5. Contributors are rewarded with reputation boosts, fostering participation and excellence.
  • 6. Our system's transparency allows all members to see decision-making processes, building trust in the best ideas and innovations.

Project Roadmap

Our journey towards innovation and excellence

Exclusive $XPULSE NFT Collection

A Gateway to Privileges and Enhanced Rewards in the AntiPulse Ecosystem

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Exclusive Access

Become a part of an exclusive circle by holding $XPULSE NFTs. Gain special access to our private Discord channel, reserved for founders and key contributors, where pivotal project discussions and decisions unfold.

Stake, Multiply, and Earn

Leverage your $XPULSE NFTs and $APLS tokens to participate in our staking program. Earn rewards by staking these assets, with returns calculated based on the duration of the stake and your contribution to the DAO's reputation system.

Elevate Your Influence with NFTs

In the AntiPulse ecosystem, reputation is power.
Your $XPULSE NFTs don't just signify status—they multiply your rewards and influence.
Engage, contribute, and watch your impact grow.

Mint your $XPULSE NFT

Antipulse Private Sale & Whitelisting

🌟 Seize the unique opportunity to join the Antipulse initiative! The private sale on Arbitrum is your gateway into our ecosystem with preferential access and exclusive rates. 🚀

🔐 Whitelisting Details:

  • 100 FIRST XPULSE NFT Minters: Automatically whitelisted with 0.45 ETH worth of $APLS to mint.
  • 100 Top Gleam Participants: 0.3 ETH contribution limit.
  • 150 Randomly Selected: From Gleam entries with 0.15 ETH contribution limit.

Private Sale Perks:

  • 50% discount off the public sale price, with only half vested over 5 months.
  • Early backers will be recognized as founders with surprises in store.

🌉 The sale's success is aimed to bolster our marketing efforts, amplifying Antipulse’s reach. Gear up for an exhilarating journey as part of our founding community. 🌌

Secure Your Whitelist Spot Now

Adhere to the instructions on Gleam for whitelist entry and the NFT giveaway. The Antipulse website will host detailed participation guidelines soon.

$APLS Tokenomics

Discover the Core of AntiPulse's Ecosystem

  • Token Type:
  • Tax-Free Transactions:
    No transaction tax for transfers and trades.
  • Security Audit:
    Unicrypt, guaranteeing the highest security standards.
  • Initial Unlocked Tokens:
    To align with our community-driven approach, initial team $APLS tokens will be transferred to a DAO-controlled contract upon release.
  • Liquidity Locked:
    Liquidity are locked forever, which means no rugpull.

Token Distribution

  • Total Supply: 150,000,000,000 APLS
  • Privale Sale 12,600,000,000 APLS
  • Public Sale: 70,000,000,000 APLS
  • Liquidity: 37,000,000,000 APLS
  • Locked: 25,000,000,000 APLS
  • Initial DAO Allocation: 3,800,000,000 APLS
  • Unicrypt Fees: 1,500,000,000 APLS

Token Contract Address




  • Liquidity Lock: 60% of ETH raised, locked for 262 years

Presale Countdown

Start End

Softcap: 250 ETH | Hardcap: 1,000 ETH


  • Max Spend per Account:
    0.5 ETH
  • Presale Price:
    70,000,000 APLS / per ETH
  • Listing Price:
    63,000,000 APLS / per ETH